Student Council

Just like their counterparts in Middle and Upper School, Lower School students have a variety of options when it comes to extracurricular activities and learning outside the classroom. Our kindergarteners can become class ambassadors in student council; each grade spends time learning about biology in the Lower School farm; Culture Club is open to students in kindergarten through fifth grade; and our oldest Lower School students can run for office in student council. These, among many other opportunities, allow for fertile learning, exploring, and growing.

Griffin Pride

Show your school spirit! Griffin Pride is for students that want to cheer on their friends and have a good time doing it. Open to students in kindergarten through fifth grade, Griffin Pride members attend various fifth grade sports games throughout the year and rack up points that can be turned into Griffin gear. Half-time competitions are often held for Griffin Pride members—and sometimes there are snacks!


We all know the buddy system is the best system. That's why each year, different Lower School classrooms pair up with other Lower School classrooms, Upper School advisories, Middle School groups, or any combination in between to maximize the K-12 experience.

Field Trips

Hop on a bus and off you go! Students in Lower School embark on trips to the Zimmer Museum, Nine O'Clock Players, LACMA, Griffith Observatory, Aquarium of the Pacific, Shanghai Circus, Thomas Payne Foundation, Wishtoyo Chumash Village, Autry Museum of the American West, La Purisima Mission, the Pali Institute, and beyond. Each year is different, with students always exploring new opportunities off campus.

Culture Clubs

Learn about different cultures and traditions from all over the world by participating in fun learning projects. By "traveling" around the world and studying different countries' art, music, literature, holidays, and customs, Lower School students get a head start on the more in-depth discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion that happen in Middle and Upper School. Culture Club is for Lower School students in grades K–1, 2–3, or 4–5. 

The Farm

Pumpkins, broccoli, squash, tomatoes, carrots, lemons, limes, cucumbers, sunflowers...we grow it all! With the help of our friends Farmer Matthew and Farmer Meredith (who join us from Farmscape), each Lower School grade has the opportunity to see from the very beginning how seeds are planted, grow into shoots, and become delicious and nutritious food (which they eat!). Farmers Matthew and Meredith teach students about the bugs and creatures we find in gardens, pollination, how plants make food, and how to tend a garden.