Service Learning

Serve to Learn, Learn to Serve

The Buckley School's extensive program of service learning engages students in local and global communities through their support of causes, agencies, and individuals in need. Service learning brings critical elements of Buckley's mission to life and actively supports the development of well-rounded individuals through ethical education.

Activities as varied as natural habitat restoration, food drives, fundraising for disaster relief, math mentoring, and shelter animal care, enable students to enrich and be enriched by the world around them. Students see, firsthand, how the power of their actions can make a positive difference in communities near and far and in their own lives.


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  • What is service learning?

    Based on the National Youth Leadership Council's definition of service learning, service learning is an approach to teaching and learning in which students use academic knowledge to address genuine community needs.
  • How do I access the site where I can log my volunteer hours?

    If you are a current service learning student, you can log in to Helper Helper, accessible from the SERVICE LEARNING resource board in MyBUCKLEY. This app allows you to log your hours, complete a referral request, and more. If you have questions about using it, contact the Service Learning Coordinator, Ms. Abadou, at
  • What if I just don't have time for service learning?

    Many students juggle classes, extracurricular responsibilities, family obligations, and other activities. Often you can choose to volunteer somewhere that will accommodate a schedule or location that's convenient for you.

    If you need help matching a volunteer opportunity to your needs, talk to your service learning coordinator, Ms. Abadou at Be sure to do this at the beginning of the semester.
  • What if I'm being asked to do work that wasn't in the position description I signed up for? What if the organization doesn't have enough work for me to do?

    It's important to realize that your time commitment to an organization is small (2 to 3 hours per engagement). Most organizations have limited resources, and they will need to balance the time and effort they put into training and supervising you. Nonetheless, one of the key goals of service learning is to allow students to provide relevant and meaningful service in the community. Your service learning coordinator will work with community partners to be sure you have that opportunity.

    It's important to know that whatever work you do at a community organization, it may have more impact than you first realize. For example, if you're tutoring or mentoring a child while their parents are in a parenting class or in a job-skills workshop, you may think you're just babysitting. In reality, you're allowing those parents to improve their family's quality of life, and you're helping the organization provide services to parents who might not be able to take advantage of them otherwise. If you're stuffing envelopes at an organization, those envelopes may carry a fundraising request to hundreds of donors on whom the organization relies to carry out its work. Whatever your position within the organization, we encourage you to learn as much as you can about the organization's work and how your efforts fit into it. Don't be afraid to ask questions that will help you understand your experience and connect it to what you're learning in class.
  • How do I log my hours?  

    You log your hours in the Helper Helper app. There is a Helper Helper Guide on the SERVICE LEARNING resource board with instructions. If you require further assistance please contact Sabine Abadou at
  • What are some important guidelines for working with community partners?  

    Before signing up with a site, set up a meeting with Service Learning Coordinator Ms. Abadou to discuss your objectives and the mission of the organization, complete the Buckley Service Learning Agreement, and complete any agency paperwork. You should go into the meeting having completed research on and developed an understanding of the organization with which you are partnering. Set up a schedule with your site supervisor to ensure weekly consistency throughout the semester. For example, serving every Tuesday from 3:00-6:00 p.m. for 10 weeks. Consistency is crucial for building relationships with staff and those you are serving. This is especially important when working with children.
  • How can I contact the Service Learning Coordinator?

    Buckley’s Service Learning Coordinator, Sabine Abadou, can be reached at 818 783-1610 ext 411 or emailed at

Goals of Service Learning at Buckley

  • To enhance the classroom experience by reinforcing existing course concepts and providing opportunities to make connections
  • To encourage critical thinking, civic responsibility, and engaged citizenship
  • To offer a means for our school community to engage in reciprocal partnerships with organizations and agencies that serve the common good in our community.
  • To actively seek to understand and value the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of those offering and receiving service.
  • To identify and analyze different points of view to gain an understanding of multiple perspectives.
  • To promote the acquisition of youth leadership, collaboration, and decision-making skills.

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