Per Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, all indoor competitions are limited to 2 spectators per athlete. Individuals must wear a mask at all times. Failure to comply with wearing a face mask may result in removal from the event. Thank you for helping to keep our community safe.
Athletic activity is regarded as vital to the total educational experience at The Buckley School. We consider sports and games to be a necessary and integral part of every child’s education and work consistently to introduce skill development at the appropriate age levels.

Lower School Athletics

Our youngest students have a chance to participate in many different games and sports, with a focus on instruction and guidance in teamwork, skill-building, and leadership. Intramural teams begin in the fifth grade.

Middle School Athletics

Students may choose to take either a regular physical education class or join a team (everyone plays) in league competition. All practices are held during the school day as part of the regular class schedule.

Upper School Athletics

Upper School students increasingly focus on commitment, individual strengths, and competition that has led several teams to become finalists and league champions.

Game Locations

Off-Campus Locations & Addresses
  • Balboa Tennis Center | 5651 Balboa Blvd, Encino, CA 91316
  • Woodley Lakes Golf Course | 6331 Woodley Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406

On-Campus Locations
  • Pavilion
  • Pool
  • Lower School
  • Gilley Field

History of the Griffin

The Griffin was named Buckley’s spirit mascot in the early to mid-1960s by Ted Hartman, the school’s first athletic director, and Isabelle Buckley. Half eagle, half lion, the mythical Griffin spoke to Dr. Buckley’s affinity for the classics and is a symbol of courage and perseverance. Greek mythology—along with the wishes of several Upper School athletes who asked to move beyond intramural competition—also inspired Hartman’s creation of the Delphic athletic league (in which Buckley still competes in today), named for the ancient Greek city of Delphi.